We appreciate our clients and CBS for  recognizing us as one of the "Best Travel Agencies in Washington, DC area"!! 

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About Voyages By Kim, LLC

Voyages By Kim is recognized by CBS DC as One of the "Best Travel Agencies in Washington DC" area


Because we use our knowledge, experience and 
expertise to save you valuable time and money. Here at Voyages By Kim we delight in offering you superior service. We have numerous relationships and have had hours of training from many of today's top travel suppliers. We know where to go to find what is new in the traveindustry, the latest promotions and best pricing.

You have worked hard to earn your vacation. Now let us work hard to help you get there. We will help you choose the right destination or cruise at the best possible value.

Let Voyages By Kim help you plan your next vacation. Why? Because this is what  we are trained to do. Down to every detail we will plan your vacation from start to finish to ensure that you next voyage is a dream voyage. Thank you for choosing Voyages By Kim we look forward to talking to you and forming a wonderful friendship with you.