We appreciate our clients and CBS for  recognizing us as one of the "Best Travel Agencies in Washington, DC area"!! 

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Voyages By Kim would like to invite you to be a part of our exclusive travel sponsorship. Voyages By Kim has been recognized by CBS DC as "One Of The Best Travel Agencies in the Washington DC" area. "Destination Fit Trip" our exclusive travel event and its feature in Jet Magazine have solidified us as one of the fastest growing travel agencies in the area. Our goal is to strengthen our bond and growth in our travel community. We would like to offer you the opportunity to get promoted and market your business while also acquiring new leads and future customers. Included in our packages is our highly optimized website that gets over 1100 visits per month and our extensive connections in the travel industry. We want to support travel related business and build a strong foundation with other travel related partners.

Throughout the travel season, businesses have the opportunity to partner with Voyages By Kim for brand awareness and marketing campaigns. Our partnerships will have a range from Wedding Planners, Photographers, Bathing Suite Apparel Shops, Limo and Shuttle service to even luggage tags companies. We are looking forward to creating well-aligned and solid partnerships with brands in the travel industry. As listed on the next page, we offer a diverse range of opportunities. You have the option of choosing a package and/or any of the exclusive sponsorships. We believe that our partnership will greatly benefit your corporation by increasing your visibility to a specific demographic. For more information, please email Kim@VoyagesByKim.com

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Recognized by CBS DC as One of the "Best Travel Agencies in Washington DC" area Voyages By Kim 931 Russell Ave., Suite D Gaithersburg, MD 20879 240-750-6868  or 877-755-8747(TRIP)