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Travel Payment Plans

Travel Payment Plans

Yes!! Travel Payment Plans Are Available!

            Step1. Voyages By Kim will Plan your Dream Vacation

                  Step 2. Select your preferred option and make a deposit on

                               your travel package 

                        Step 3. Apply payments towards your package

                                Step 4. Enjoy a relaxing vacation

                       NO Financing & NO Interest Fees


Vacation Planning

Start Early

              Take full advantage of a payment plan by starting the planning for travel 3-13 months from your travel dates.

Make Payments

Once you have chosen the best travel package for you, we lock-in your rate with your deposit. Payments will vary depending on how much time exists between your first payment and your full payment date.

Vacation/Travel Packages

Packages give you a bundled rate. A package usually includes a flight plus and hotel, but can include a rental car and excursions and tours. Voyages By Kim will apply any discounts or promotions you qualify for. Your deposit is usually $150 per person for a HOTEL ONLY reservation or $250 + per person for an AIR AND HOTEL reservation.  We HIGHLY RECOMMEND travel insurance for every travel package. Most vendors require their full payment 55 days prior to travel.

Air Only

Air only reservations might qualify for a payment plan.

Cruise Lines

Your deposit will depend on the cruise line and the number of days you are traveling. We will verify and apply all perks and discounts for you. You can add a flight, hotel, excursion or rental car to your cruise. Your full payment date is usually 75 - 90 days before you travel and will depend on the cruise line.

Payment Plans

Interest Free
         Open Payment Plan- Pay as you choose in the amount you choose.
         Monthly Payment Plan- 
         Bi-Weekly Payment Plan- Most Popular
Weekly Payment Plan -
         Full Payment- Pay your package in full- Save $35


           **We handle the accounting for each of your payments and will  update your balance after each payment is made. We will also set up a personal trip webpage for your trip!