Voyages By Kim has been recognized by CBS as one of the best and most visible travel agencies in the highly saturated DMV area, but our reach does not stop here. We are known nationwide and even internationally. Our clientele is comprised of people from all over the world, from London to Africa to, of course, right here all over the United States.  

Voyages by Kim is not just your average travel agency. We don’t just book vacations for customers, and send them on their way. We are a bonafide service provider. That’s what keeps our clients coming back. We give them what they really need, which is someone to take care of everything for them, so they don’t have to. Someone to put in all the time and effort while they sit back, relax and reap the benefits of our hard work. And that’s what we can do for you. If you decide to become a sponsor and join us in this quest to make the Singles’ Cruise the event of the year, you can sit back while we service you. In return for your sponsorship of our event we offer our extensive promotional services and resources to boost the promotion of your business.  
We know self-advertisement and promotion can be extremely time consuming, and we are here to solve that problem for you! At Voyages by Kim, we possess the marketing knowledge and tools to exponentially increase to traffic to your business. We utilize all forms of online marketing such as social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), websites ( and online lead generators. We also use old fashion word of mouth and the distribution of business cards and flyers. If you join us we will use all of those procedures to promote your business. 

To top all of this all off, what kind of Travel Agency would we be if we did not include our own trade in the sponsorship packages we are offering to you? Once you become our sponsor, you become our valuable client. Like I mentioned above, people hire our agency for service when planning their vacations. As our sponsors, you will get the same from us, but not only that. You also will get exclusive perks that only we travel agents have access to such as free baggage insurance, free payment plans, and even vacation discounts! Voyages by Kim plans on making the Singles’ Cruise a huge annual event that people from all over the nation know about and flock to each year. We are starting small, but with your help this event is capable of exploding into something grand. Our main goal is to grow and ultimately get airlines, hotels/resorts, cruise lines, etc. involved to transform this Singles' Cruise Event into the massive affair we know it has the potential to be. And when it does, your contributions will not be forgotten or go unacknowledged. 

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Voyages By Kim is in the process of developing its very own VBK Mobile App! We will be giving all of our awesome clients the ability to access us in a more simplified way thus making planning their dream vacations even easier!

Nowadays, people spend a large portion of their time on their phones utilizing multitudes of different applications. We at Voyages By Kim have so many clients that would benefit tremendously from a phone app that keeps them up to date and on task.

With our mobile app, now people will be able conduct vacation seaches 24 hours a day; make payments for vacations already booked; receive updates and alerts about new VBK sales and deals as well as trips they have already booked, and much more!

Voyages By Kim is recognized as one of the Best Travel Agencies in the DMV, but we are far more visible than just that. We receive traffic from people all over the world! We average over 3000 visits to our website per month, and we believe our mobile app will increase this number exponentially.

That being said, we are giving various businesses an opportunity to be a part our endeavor. Your business's logo and an ad could be placed on our app to grab the attention of all our visitors. Given our high level of visibility, that is sure to be converted into increased traffic to your business!

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Along with the Singles’ Cruise to Bermuda, Voyages by Kim is hosting a pre-cruise event for vendors interested in setting up booths to display, promote and sell their products and services. This event is to take place in New York City at the Belvedere Hotel the nights before both Single's Cruise departures.

This event is not restricted to Sponsors of the Singles' Cruise event nor its attendees, but we only have 3/5 booth spaces currently available in May 2017 and 5/5 booth spaces available in September 2017 so participation so it is restricted to select vendors who are serious about this opportunity.

This is the prequel to the week-long party tat is going to take place on the Singles’ Cruise!

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Voyages By Kim is extremely proud of the business relationships we have built with reputable companies such as Pure Romance, Herbalife, and Younique Cosmetics just to name a few.

We are always seeking to build strong relationship with respectable companies for the growth and benefit of all enterprises involved.

There are multiple ways to join our team and get involved in our endeavors to expand not only our company, but yours as well!

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We appreciate our clients and CBS for  recognizing us as one of the "Best Travel Agencies in Washington, DC area"!! 

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