VBK Merchandise (New!)

Voyages by Kim now proudly presents our brand new products now available through VIP! Show your support and help STOP domestic abuse

We have fun, sexy, stylish t-shirts and pants for both men and women!!

Womens' V-Neck T-Shirts come in

Purple, Pink, Grey  and  Black, more colors available

Mens' Crew Neck T-Shirts come in

Red, Navy Blue, Grey  and  Black, more colors available

ALL clothing merchandise come in ALL Sizes!

Merchandise is now available. Give us a call at 240-750-6868 order yours ASAP before they sell out! They are already going fast!

We appreciate our clients and CBS for  recognizing us as one of the "Best Travel Agencies in Washington, DC area"!! 

Phone: 24​0-750-6868

Toll Free 877-755-8747(Trip)


Order your Exclusive VBK Merchandise TODAY!!!

Be the change we all know someone that is still a victim of domestic abuse even after the bruise have healed

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